Welcome to KoreaTravelGift

We are parents of two children living in Korea and  have been operating a Global Trading Company together since 2011. 

We would like to introduce to foreigners the Korean practice books we taught our children and the beautiful moments we felt while traveling in Korea.

Jin.K loves to write about the beautiful moment I live in Korea.

KoreaWriting introduces practice books that make learning Korean enjoyable.

Hyun.K loves to take travel photos.

Korea Travel Photo introduces Korea’s unique places through photography while traveling in Korea.

Shall we go on a travel to Korea, introduced by a Korean family?

Would you tell me the places you want to visit in Korea ?

We can make a moment for you.

If you have any questions about Korean lifestyle,travel, please feel free to contact us.

email: KoreaTravelgift@gmail.com

Even if can't travel now, can shop gifts on KoreaTravelGift.com

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