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Doing philosophy with BTS , Korean Book

Doing philosophy with BTS , Korean Book

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Beyond praise and criticism from the cultural industry, media, and music circles for the unprecedented BTS craze, "Philosophy with BTS" has been published. We discover the spirit of modern philosophy in the music of BTS, which creates its own worldview by capturing specific narratives under the theme of youth, self, love, relationship, and society.

It is the spirit of "freedom" that breaks the coercion and restraint that binds and tames us, such as money, recognition, desire, injustice, and gender, and makes us fly. It is called the "BTS genre" without being bound by modern philosophy and existing genres that developed by criticizing the familiar world, and connects BTS' songs that have pioneered their own path to complete a true cross.

It will be a priming water to help you live today's daily life rather than to find yourself rather than owning, being the only one rather than being the best, and to pursue grand ideology, and is recommended as an introductory book to modern philosophy.

Print length: page 288
Language: Korean
Publisher: Kim Young-sa 
Publication Date: Nov,29,2021
Dimensions: 140*210 mm
weight:  410


Track 1 BTS vs. Nietzsche
Blood, Sweat and Tears and the Philosophy of the Superior Man
First movement, I can't even run away anymore, you're so sweet
Second movement, you have to have chaos to give birth to a dancing star
Third movement: Poisoned Holy Grail vs Beyond Good and Evil

Track 2 BTS vs Heidegger
"On" and the Philosophy of Death
First movement, let me breathe where my pain is
In the second movement, death opens the infinite possibilities of life
Third movement on vs off

Track 3 BTS vs. From
Dynamite and the Philosophy of Being
First movement life is dynamite
Do you own or exist in the second movement?
The 3rd movement dynamic vs shining

Track 4 BTS vs. Habermas
"Am I Wrong" and the philosophy of communication
The first movement doesn't listen even if it has ears
Second movement communication liberates us
Third movement, wrong vs. communication

Track 5 BTS vs Racan
"Fake Love" and the Philosophy of Desire
The first movement, I turned into the person you liked
The second movement is to desire the desires of others' desires
Third movement, fake love vs. other people's desires

Track 6 BTS vs Deleuze
"Dope" and Rizom's Philosophy
First movement. I don't want to say yes
Second movement desire escapes
Third movement is dope vs. Anti Oedipus

Track 7 BTS vs Bodilyar
"Spine Breaker" and Simulacion's Philosophy
First movement, dozens of shoes and hundreds of padding
They consume symbols, not second movement products
Third movement padding vs simulacion

Track 8 BTS vs. Derry
"Fire" and the philosophy of dissolution
Burn up the first movement
There's no such thing as the second movement
Third movement, fire vs. disbandment

Track 9 BTS vs. Rolls
"Spring Day" and the Philosophy of Justice
First movement. I hate us
The second movement. The unbearable lightness of happiness
Third movement Spring Day vs. Definition

Track 10 BTS vs. Lottie
Poetry for the Little Things and the Philosophy of Irony
The first movement. Not the sun, but to you
Second movement. Not the truth, but your pain
Third movement, small things vs. irony

Track 11 BTS vs KUN
"We On" and the Philosophy of Revolution
It's not the first movement number one, but only one
Second movement science revolutionizes
The third movement, my Muzik vs. Paradigm

Track 12 BTS vs. Butler
"Boy In Luv" and Gender's Philosophy
First movement, I'll be your man. You'll see
Second movement. Sex or gender
Third movement, manly man vs gender

an epilogue
a map of modern philosophy

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